Azyla Media


The Eternal Blossom


Blue is depth and height and distance. Blue is vibrant and electrifying. Blue is calming, soothing and stillness. Blue is a constant presence and evanescence.

My blue series will explore the complexities which are associated with the color blue; the skies, the ocean, water, the phases of the moon. It is my perspective of what’s behind our physical reality, what primordial essence is reflected in the color blue.

BLUE:EVOLUTION is an adventure. The first issue, THE FIRMAMENT is presented as a framework which speaks of expanse, and boundaries, enrichment and pollution. I touch upon how blue inspires me and lets my imagination run free, but also how our collective imagination is being impacted by startling and dangerous new technologies being introduced to the population without general consent.

I invite you to explore with me, challenge my perspectives, or join in my crusade. I am honored to have this platform to share my ideas.